Put Terra to work in your exploration program and see what we can do for you                                               

We are a space-age, geoscience services company bringing innovation to the exploration process and addressing some of the most challenging natural resource prospecting problems of the modern era. Using alternative remote sensing, geochemical and micro-seismic technologies developed over decades, we find hydrocarbons.

  • Understand subsurface better, save time, cut costs, and thereby increase exploration success rates
  • Delineate hydrocarbon structures across territories of any size, geography, accessibility or condition
  • High-grade areas, on or off-shore, to focus and optimize work program or discretely evaluate blocks
  • Model structures in challenging geological conditions where 2D & 3D fail (thrust-folding, basalt, etc.)
  • Generate HC prospects: provide structure contours, depth, and drilling locations
  • Confirm presence of hydrocarbons using adsorbed gas geochemical anomalies
  • Assess reservoir quality through micro-seismic, open fracturing studies

Terra is ALL About Unique, Innovative Exploration Technologies

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